When you are driving your newer model Toyota or Lexus around your city or on a vacation or business trip, one of the biggest problems you can encounter is finding a parking space. However, thanks to an app you can download to your smartphone, it's possible to solve your parking problems with Parkopedia Premium Parking.

Thousands of Participating Locations

Whether you need a location for parking that can be reserved or are fine with an off-street location, Parkopedia Premium Parking can be of service. An easy and secure way to locate, reserve, and pay for parking, you can use Parkopedia to find over 6,000 locations that can be reserved and over 60,000 off-street locations as well, giving you peace of mind while saving you plenty of time and frustration.

Downloading the App

If you are through spending too much time trying to find a parking spot, downloading the Parkopedia Premium Parking app to your smartphone will forever change your ability to find a parking space virtually anywhere. Available in the Google Play or Apple store, it's also possible for you to access Parkopedia through your vehicle's infotainment screen. Whichever method you choose, you'll be able to have a single account that will let you pay for parking at thousands of locations across the country.

Search and Compare

Once you begin using Parkopedia Premium Parking, one of the biggest benefits you'll notice is having the ability to search and compare parking options in your locality and beyond. Along with finding out where the open parking spots are, you can compare pricing among different spots, giving you the ability to save money along the way. Should you encounter any issues when searching or have questions, Parkopedia also has a customer support staff that is always ready to help.

More Than Just Parking

Although Parkopedia Premium Parking focuses primarily on helping you find available parking spots, that's not all you can expect once you download the app. For example, should you drive a Toyota that is electric-powered, Parkopedia can be used to help you find access to charging stations across the country, which can be a tremendous benefit when on vacation or a business trip. Also, you'll be able to use the app to find fueling stations and much more, which can make your life even easier.

If you have questions about Parkopedia or anything else related to your Toyota or Lexus vehicle, don't hesitate to contact us here at Kenny Kent Toyota.