Signs its Time to Replace Your Battery

Your car battery performs several important fuctions for your Toyota. Learn more about why it needs regular service in this video.

Many parts of your car require service at least once a year, and your new Toyota battery is no different. Without regular service and care, your car battery may be at a higher risk of damage or failure. Without it, your engine can't start, the lights can't turn on and the electronics can't function, which means battery service in Evansville is quite important.

Learn more about battery service in Evansville below, including signs your battery needs to be replaced.

Signs of Battery Failure

Typically, a car battery lasts for about three to five years. Once your battery turns five, you may want to consider having it replaced, as older batteries are at a higher risk of failure. Regardless, your battery will need to be replaced at one point or another, so it's important to know the indicators that its on its way out.

Signs of battery failure include:

  • Dashboard warning light turns on
  • Overheating has caused the battery casing to bloat
  • The electrical components of your car are malfunctioning
  • Engine cranks slowly or doesn't start
  • There is corrosion present on the battery case

If you notice any of these problems, contact the service center at Kenny Kent Toyota right away!

Car Battery Replacement Near Me

If your battery is ready to retire, you may be fretting on where to go or what new Toyota battery to purchase. Take the stress out of caring for your car by bringing it to Kenny Kent Toyota! Our team will advise you on your choices for new batteries as well as provide installation assistance.

Plus, you can easily schedule an appointment online at any time, making car battery replacement near me even more convenient for your busy schedule.

Prevent Changing a Car Battery Often

If your car battery is lasting less than the normal three to five year lifetime, the battery is likely not being properly maintained. Avoid premature battery replacement by following these tips on how to make a car battery last longer:

    Toyota Battery Service in Evansville
  • Keep the Battery Casing Clean
    All batteries will corrode over time. This corrosion will leave an acidic residue that, if not cleaned, can cause your battery to fail or damage your car. Regularly cleaning off the corrosion on the casing can help make the battery last longer.

  • Turn Off All of the Lights
    You've likely heard this advice before, but leaving your lights on, both interior and exterior can quickly drain your battery. When you park, be sure to check that all of your lights are off. It's also wise to unplug any power adapters or phone chargers.

  • Service and Test Your Battery Often
    Regular service means your battery remains in the best possible condition. The team at Kenny Kent Toyota will perform a variety of tasks, including a diagnostic test to estimate how much longer your battery will last.


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