Auction Bound Inventory | Pre-Owned Cars &Trucks For Sale

Our policy is to keep our pre-owned inventory here no longer than 45 days (what we refer to in the industry as "fresh"). After 45 days, we tag the vehicle for transport to auction.


  • Is there anything wrong with the vehicle?
    Please understand that before any vehicle is placed on our lot it is thoroughly inspected and reconditioned. *excludes vehicles marked "as is"
  • Why didn't the vehicle sell earlier?
    Several scenarios may come into play - we may have several of the same make/model/and color on our lot at the same time. Also, quite frankly, as much as we advertise, sometimes a person may not think to look here for a pre-owned Jeep or Mustang, etc.
  • What's the catch?
    Nothing, our "fresh lot" policy is your gain.

So, take a look at our "Auction Bound" inventory. You may find your next great vehicle here!