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An engine that overheats is a serious car problem. The engine helps operate your vehicle, which means that your car's ability to function can be impaired if the engine breaks. Damage to the engine can also cause strain on the other components in your vehicle, which means you might face more expensive repair bills and significant problems if an engine issue goes unchecked. Some of the major warning signs of engine failure, including smoke coming from your Toyota's hood or a burning scent, mean it's time to contact a certified technician for prompt evaluation and repairs.

Cooling System Leaks

Of all the possible causes for a broken engine, a leak in the cooling system is one of the most likely culprits. The cooling system has many parts, which naturally means a higher likelihood of a part breaking and affecting the entire system's performance. All the cooling system's major parts, including the radiator, spark plugs, and head gaskets, are connected by belts and hoses. They work together to maintain sufficient pressure in the cooling system and help deliver coolant fluid to and from the engine. Any of those parts can wear out, corrode, or spring leaks. A telltale sign of a leak in the system is colored green, blue, or orange coolant fluid is leaking from your car.

Belts and Hoses

The belts and hoses connect the parts of the cooling system. The belts maintain adequate tension and pressure to move coolant fluid around. The belts are subject to several problems, including slipping, fraying, and wearing out. If the belts are misaligned or break, they can't help regulate the engine's temperature. Similarly, the hoses can encounter problems as well. Holes and cracks are common problems in hoses, which then allows coolant fluid to leak. The hoses may become corroded, which causes them to become clogged and keeps fluid from passing through.

Heater Core

The heater core is a crucial component of the cooling system. The heater core can stop functioning if it becomes clogged. This often happens if the heater core becomes corroded or if the system's coolant fluid becomes contaminated with debris.


The thermostat, a valve, can contribute to an engine overheating if it gets stuck rather than opening and closing as designed to regulate coolant fluid flow. If your car's engine seems to be excessively warm, a malfunctioning thermostat may be the cause.

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