Toyota's GR Cup Set to Debut in 2023  

Toyota's GR Cup is going to start in 2023. This race is a single-make type, which means that everyone will have the same kind of car. Toyota's cup will be run by SRO America, which has been doing GT racing for 30 years/ This cup will have races in 14 different events across seven different circuits across the U.S.

Million Dollar Race

In order to drive competition, Toyota's GR Cup will be offering a total of one million dollars in prizes from the partners that are working with the Toyota Gazoo North America organization for this series. The races are the main attraction, but the events are also designed to be a confluence of racing celebrations across the board.

This single-make series of races is also sometimes called single-make racing. Every vehicle used is from the same manufacturer. When it comes to the GR cup, this vehicle starts as the GR86 vehicle. This basic car is then upgraded specifically into a GR86 Cup car so that it has additional features for the race.

The transformation will be done in the facility at Mooresville in North Carolina. At this facility, the vehicle will get a Borsch engine management system and a custom Borla exhaust unit. Action Brakes, the SADEV s-speed sequential transmission, adjustable shocks, special safety equipment, a 22-gallon fuel cell, a roll cage, carb fiber for the rear wing, and more.

More details about exactly what specs these vehicles will have will likely be announced shortly during the 2022 summer. Beyond serving as an event for fans of Toyota, there is also a purpose in terms of collecting data. The Toyota Engineers can learn from every bit of data pulled in from the race to make improvements.

As a result, a new series of vehicles will be born within the Toyota Gazoo Racing North America organization. More vehicles and more races will likely come out of it in a connected circle.

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