Evansville Rescue Mission  

For over 100 years, Evansville Rescue Mission has provided services to community members in need. Founded in 1917, Evansville Rescue Mission has served meals, offered safe housing, and generally supported individuals who have fallen on hard times. Evansville Rescue Mission celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017 of working with at-risk youth, the homeless, and otherwise disadvantaged citizens in the tri-state area.

About Evansville Rescue Mission

Evansville Rescue Mission was founded in 1917 in Evansville, Ill. The organization was formed through the vision and concept of Mr. and Mrs. Reveal. The Mission originated on Main Street, but its headquarters were later moved to Second St. in downtown Evansville following a successful launch. The organization relocated its offices several times after that, eventually landing on East Walnut St. in Evansville. That location, which remains the Mission's headquarters today, also includes a veteran's center and accompanying medical clinic. The main office also includes a 32,000-foot facility that is handicap-accessible.

Evansville Rescue Mission

Residence Centers

Evansville Rescue Mission is proud to operate a Residence Center, open 24/7 for assistance, helping homeless individuals in the area meet their basic needs. The Residence Center contains over 220 beds for homeless individuals, along with additional mattresses and cots to ensure anyone who needs assistance has a safe and comfortable place to sleep. With this capacity, the Rescue Mission is the largest provider of emergency services and accommodations for the tri-state region's homeless population. Additionally, the Rescue Mission keeps its doors open for all homeless men, age 18 and above, during periods of inclement weather, specifically during the cold winter months and during the hottest months in summer.

Along with a residence center for adults, the Rescue Mission also has a Youth Care Center for children between 12 and 17. The youth residence center is a correctional facility that relies heavily on support from volunteers in the community. Residents may participate in several activities, including church services and community service days. Mentors and motivational speakers are also provided for residents in the Youth Care Center.

Services Offered

Residents at the Rescue Mission enjoy several services for their physical and emotional well-being. The Mission provides counseling, shelter, meals, and immediate needs for residents. A work program is also available, and a spiritual development program is called Purpose Accountability Christ Education and Service (PACES). During the warmer months, Evansville Rescue Mission also has an outdoor facility called Camp Reveal that is available for camping and conferences.