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Times are challenging right now. Adjusting to having our social and work situations curtailed is vital to maintaining our mental well-being throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Taking these five steps will help you reduce stress and stay on track.

1. Keep Moving

Just because you need to isolate or spend more time at home socially, you don’t need to turn into a couch potato. Make yourself move. There are hundreds of creative workout videos online. You don’t need expensive equipment, either. Just find a fun and creative way to get your heart rate up for 30 minutes, at least three times a week.

2. Just Do It

Dust off that list of things you have wanted to get done, big and small. Start the spring cleaning, tackle the repairs, or scope out the large projects in more detail. Think of the extra time as bonus time for yourself, and use it to the max.

3. Sharpen the Synapses

Synapses are the tiny electrical impulses in your brain that spark when you learn something new or do something challenging. Learning new things helps keep the brain healthy and boosts mood. What idea has piqued your interest? Playing an instrument? Painting? Books you’ve wanted to read? This is the time.

4. Dedicate your Workspace

If you need to work from home, create an efficient, specific space for it. Keep all the materials you need to be stocked within easy reach. Establish set hours and a structured schedule. Otherwise, you may discover you are either working too much and at all hours, or you’re setting it aside and not finishing what you need to.

5. Limit the News

In crisis times, the temptation is to binge on the news. We all want to be up to date on the latest facts. But when new facts aren’t available, a lot of airwaves are filled with opinion, theory, and guesswork. Constant exposure to this can increase stress and anxiety. Check the news three times a day for updates, but then leave it off. Let your mind focus on something else for a while.

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