Toyota Auto Start/Stop

The Stop & Start Engine System by Toyota is an industry-leading advancement that increases a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by turning off the engine automatically whenever the vehicle stops and then turning it back on again when the driver wants to accelerate. Although other auto makers released their own systems prior to Toyota version in 2017, they were not advanced enough to achieve a high level of operation as Toyota’s product.

How It Works

The system intervenes and stops the engine when the vehicle decelerates to 0 mph and the brake is simultaneously depressed. When the driver releases the brake, the engine turns back on so acceleration can begin. It saves a considerable amount of fuel in higher-cylinder engines and especially in heavy traffic where stops last longer. Toyota’s product works so smoothly with the engine that a light was added to the Multi-Information Display which indicates if the engine is off. All other safety and other systems remain in operation during engine shut-off periods.

However, there are cases when drivers may want to disable the Stop & Start Engine System, which operates by default. For example, when towing heavier loads, the vehicle may require consistent power during stop and go traffic on an incline. During hot days, it is also inconvenient to have the air conditioning system shut off with the engine. Toyota has made it simple to disable the system in these and other circumstances. On the left side of the dashboard and steering wheel, the driver presses the manual Off button to turn it off. It reactivates only when the button is pressed again or during a full vehicle restart.

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