Toyota Auto Start/Stop  

Ever the innovator in technology and fuel economy, Toyota has created a system called the Start and Stop Engine designed to help drivers maximize fuel efficiency and reduce unnecessary wear and strain on their vehicle's engine.

How Does Toyota's Start and Stop Engine Feature Work?

Toyota's system works by automatically stopping and restarting your Toyota's engine whenever the car comes to a stop at a stop sign, traffic light, or if you are sitting in traffic. Although the system indicates that the vehicle is "off," the engine goes into standby mode, which allows the car to start up again promptly when it's time to start moving.

You may wonder what is auto start and stop technology? As your car is coming to a stop, the engine will start to shut off. The system is activated when you press on the brake. A green light will appear next to the engine icon when the engine is running. When the engine turns off, you'll know that the Start and Stop Engine feature is on because the light by the engine icon will disappear from the information panel. The engine will be reactivated and start operating again when you remove your foot from the brake pedal.

How to Use Start and Stop Engine

Learning to use Toyota's Start and Stop Engine system is easy. The system is active when you buy your car, but you can turn it off in some situations, such as if you are planning to run the air conditioning at maximum power or if you need to tow with your Toyota. To disable the system, simply press the "Off" button to the left of the steering wheel on your dashboard to deactivate the system. Pressing the button a second time will reactivate the Start and Stop Engine system when you want to reengage the system. Alternatively, you can reactivate Start and Stop Engine by turning off your car. When you restart the vehicle, the system will automatically turn back on.

Benefits of Start and Stop Engine

The Start and Stop Engine system enhances your comfort as you are driving, and it also helps conserve gasoline. Your car's fuel economy will increase to approximately one mile per gallon (MPG) when driving in the city. Fuel savings are about the same for all types of Toyota vehicles.

Along with reducing gasoline consumption, your vehicle's engine will also reduce the car's emissions, as no emissions are produced when the vehicle is stopped.

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