If you’re someone who is continuously taking road trips or traveling around town, then you may very well benefit from Toyota’s Destination Assist technology that is included in many of their latest models. This feature is straightforward, but it’s an incredibly useful and safe way to obtain directions. You’ll be connected with a live agent that will provide you with directions that are sent right to your vehicle. You can control when you begin to use your directions, and you can end your navigation when you’ve arrived in an area that you are familiar with.

To access Destination Assist, you’ll press the Menu button on the main screen of your infotainment system. Once you have accessed the main menu, you can select Destination, followed by Destination Assist. Your vehicle will contact you with a live agent that will help you find your way. Once they determine your location that you’re looking for, they will send your desired directions to your vehicle.

When you’re ready to begin your drive, you hit go. You will be provided with step-by-step instruction. The best part about this feature is the time that you’ll save. If you get lost, you don’t have to pull over to figure out your location. You don’t ever have to leave the road to correct where you’re at. Your eyes can stay on the road, and your hands can remain on the wheel where they belong.

If you would like to try Destination Assist for yourself, stop down to Kenny Kent Toyota. We’ll get you behind the wheel of a Toyota that has this feature include in its package. You’ll get to experience just how great this technology is. We’re also happy to help you find the new vehicle of your dreams.